Sonntag, 26. Juli 2009

Light - Cloud - Brook *

Silence. Breathing. Community. Out of the space of openness
appearing: one tone... two tones... an intervall... and disappearing.
Harmonic Textures of crystal beauty in pianissimo.
Terrestrial truth, earth knowledge in the smooth humming
of the depth. Droning foreshadows - lighting visions.
Expression and message is replaced by pure being in sound.

Pianist Alexander Goretzki's audience enfolds from one
up to fourhundred people. After a collective cleansing bath
in silence the sound of the grand piano will emerge out of it:
Energetic moves, unsolved tensions, open questions will be
transformed into vibrating fields, thus carried towards
a visionary integration.

The noise of common reality as well as the energetic field of the
listeners will be experienced as aspects of a higher oscillations plane.
The idea of group dynamics is led to a seasonable meaning of high
delicacy. "Dynamics" - instead of refering to volume - is understood
as the measure of the universal power, in which we all participate
and which is supported by all of us.

Birds' singing, rush of the trees, traffic flow, breath of mankind...

Beyond any concepts of style a new music is raising itself.
Evolving from the devotional service for the community in god,
arising out of the moment and passing by the same time
it will be a music of the souls, a dance of the blessed spirits
- an angel salute.

* Licht - Wolke - Bach:
Swiss poet Albert Steffen gently set in line these three words.